Cannabis plants can do more than simply change one’s mental state; the cannabinoids can provide significant relief for those who suffer from medical conditions daily. In fact, hundreds of cannabinoids exist in the Cannabis plant that have medicinal properties. The two most important are THC (tetra-hydro-cannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). Each cannabinoid has distinct benefits and purposes in a Medical Marijuana treatment protocol.


While THC is helpful for many conditions, it is most frequently utilized by Florida Medical Card patients in need of relief from chronic pain, insomnia, and depression. When the proper strain and dose is chosen, it can elevate mood, reduce pain, and provide deep, restful sleep.

Since THC is absorbed by the “CB1” endocannabinoid receptors in the brain, it can induce psychoactive “high” effects. These effects, combined with fear-mongering and propaganda, have made many people nervous about trying it. However, the benefits of Medical Marijuana far outweigh the negative concepts.

Thankfully, the miraculous Cannabis plant also contains CBD. CBD can neutralize the mental “psychoactivity” of THC while still delivering physical relief. CBD also consistently eliminates anxiety, reduces inflammation, helps regulate blood pressure, and stabilizes blood sugar. All the while, CBS is also acting as a potent antioxidant.

For patients who desire to get “healed not high,” CBD is the heart of their Medical Marijuana protocol. By ingesting moderate to high doses of CBD along with low to moderate doses of THC, Medical marijuana patients consistently find relief from their debilitating health conditions. However, they do not experience the psychoactive effects that can cause them to feel “high”.

When we discuss the merits of CBD with skeptics we often hear, “OK, but where is the FDA-approved double-blind studies?!” Well, that is a good question! Skeptics are often surprised to find out that there are thousands of studies that support the medicinal value of CBD! As of March 2019, there are 2,303 published articles listed in the US National Library of Medicine. You read that right; two-thousand-three-hundred-and-three!

Medical Marijuana


CBD’s unique healing benefits have led to exceptional products and companies coming to market. Unfortunately, there are far more products being sold with deceptive sales tactics, false advertising, and toxic ingredients. We urge anyone considering taking CBD to check three critical boxes: 1) it should taste good, 2) it should be full-spectrum, and 3) it should be lab-certified as organic.

At our Medical Marijuana Certification Centers across Florida, we’ve seen (and unfortunately tasted!) countless different CBD oils. As you may already know, most of these products taste awful, are ineffective, and come from unknown sources.

These poor tasting products are usually distilled on cheap lab equipment that leaves chlorophyll and other plant matter in the oil. It quickly decomposes and leaves a pungent rotten grass taste. Premium oils should have a pleasant taste and natural hemp flavor.

We also know from your first-hand testimonies, that most CBD oils are not very effective. This is because they are usually an “isolate” CBD oil. Isolate CBD is usually marketed as “99.99% pure” to trick people into thinking they’re purchasing quality. While it may be true that the CBD they’re ingesting is pure, CBD isolate can never be as effective as a “full-spectrum” CBD oil. Isolate CBD is also usually from toxic farms in China, processed by industrial distillation factories, and shipped across the world to naive consumers.

Full-spectrum CBD oils contain multiple cannabinoids and aid natural healing by activating the human endocannabinoid system with the “entourage effect.” A good analogy for this effect is music. Hearing one key repeatedly struck on a keyboard is not music–it’s just annoying sound. However if we hear a piano concerto by Mozart, we are moved and enchanted by the beautiful sound.

The same is true for Medical Marijuana cannabinoids. Our bodies crave and respond best to multiple cannabinoids at once. Isolates cannot deliver the effects of full-spectrum products. If you’re lucky and you do notice an effect from isolated CBD, it’s usually short-lived. Isolate products are known to build tolerances and lose their effects quickly.

Unfortunately, CBD products that are sold without lab test results cannot be trusted as safe. Even if the source of the oil is organic, it may be mixed with cheap fillers and other toxic ingredients. A premium CBD will provide you with test results for every individual batch–not just the base oil.

Express Cannabis Cards’s recommended CBD is RevitaOil. It is trusted by thousands of patients and clients across the country. Multiple 3rd party labs test every batch as pure, safe, and effective. RevitaOil’s hemp is grown on a small organic farm in Colorado Springs, is distilled using the latest laboratory equipment, and always publishes the latest test results online.